To The Land Of Smiles (Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5)


Time to continue typing…

Day 3

Woke up and as usual my lazy friend is still sleeping so we went out by ourselves again. The original plan was to go platinum mall with the 2 guys that just arrived but since we can’t contact them we went out to explore ourselves.

We walk out to the main road, the stretch with platinum mall and turn right towards the BTS. As we had decided to go chatuchak by BTS, also found a road side store to have our breakfast.


Pork Bee Hoon

This is quite nice think it cost 50Baht. Do not underestimate the chilli flakes condiment they provide. I had only put a little bit of it and the soup was super hot… Still it was nice.


Ice mocha

Just beside the noodle store there is this make shift coffee stand. Had the mocha, not really to my liking, too much coco powder. I thought that they would use chocolate syrup LOL.

Made our way to Chatuchak on the BTS, super crowded and hot… went in and find the coconut ice cream store immediately.

IMG_20140906_124915 IMG_20140906_125219


IMG_20140906_133921Center of the market

IMG_20140906_143143Fishcakes with sour chilli sauce

  Also had other food like sticky mango rice, strawberry yoghurt drink, garlic bread on stick… no pictures though

So we spend a few hours there and made our way to victory monument. For boat noodles.


10 baht each bowl (round 1)


Had 19 bowl I think for 2 of us. The boss also gave us a coupon for free pepsi on next visit, though we never went back. Should not had ordered the fried wanton skin, its like there is one for each bowl and we still had extra LOL


Loots from Chatuchak

Night time, 5 of us went drinking somewhere nothing happening, just chilling.

Day 4

Finally my lazy friend had woke up the same timing as us and we go to buy some food stuffs to bring back to SG.

According to my friend he bought those food stuffs at Big C the last time he came to Bangkok. So we just followed him walk over to Big C. When we reached Big C, and he brought us to the supermarket and we are like WTF, why are we gonna buy at the supermarket… So SOS to my sis on Whatsapp and she said siam sqaure and MBK.


Had this steamboat buffet at Big C before leaving to siam square. To me not really worth the price I would rather use the money to buy some street food, But since my friend want to try then so be it.

So we went central world first, bought some bags from naraya then proceed to siam square. We went in and all the shops were selling clothings only. Apparently what my sis meant was siam square and MBK area… So walk over to MBK since it was also quite near.


Dried mango and pork floss crackers

Bought these and made our way back to the hotel, too much walking for somebody. My friend wanted to take cab back but their price is really want to chop us so my friend just followed me using Google map and walk back to the hotel.


Coconut on the way back

Went back to the hotel wash up and rest till night time. Since we were feeling hungry went down for some food.


Went back the same prata shop, but this time is sardine onions and egg prata. This was way nicer than the sweet one.


Pork on stick

Then the other 2 guys called and tell us to follow them to some night market which is like freaking far, they say cab will be around 300-400 baht from our hotel. Which we were reluctant to go. But in the end still followed them.

It turns out that the place was Talad Rot Fai. This place was originally in our itinerary but we scrap it cause it was very far and we did not know how to get there, but since there are some thai friends to bring us around all is good.

Lousy photos incoming, Nexus 5 CMI

IMG_20140907_234823 IMG_20140907_234831 IMG_20140907_234941 IMG_20140908_015039

At first I did not know that this place was Talad Rot Fai only when we walk in pass all the normal stores which is like a normal night market, then at the back you will see all the retro stuffs. This place is super big man, too bad we did not walk in all the way.

Drinking session again. Found a bar with live band and all of us just drank there by the roadside. The beer was awful… would not want to drink that again. Leo and I think they dilute the beer with water, the after taste was…


Halfway into drink and was feeling hungry went and bought some of this kebabs, bought 10 and got 2 free I think its because they are closing the store already.


The boat

And so that concludes Day 4.

Day 5

Final day in Bangkok, we slept till 11+ and we gotta check out at 12… quickly pack up and checked out of the hotel. Also called for airport transfer 400 baht for the 3 of us from the hotel.


Had this last meal before leaving for the airport. There was more dishes but never took photos no chance LOL they started eating when this 3 dish reach our table.

After the lunch we went for last session of foot massage since our airport transfer will be at the hotel at 3pm.


On the way to the airport


Flight delay for about 2 hours Jetstar… reached SG at 11+

So this is it for the Bangkok trip.


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