To The Land Of Smiles (Day 1 and Day 2)


Trip to Thailand, Bangkok from 4 Sept to 7 Sept 2014.

This time not a solo trip, went with 2 of my bros. So did not plan anything just ask whatever they want to do and follow and also one of them went Bangkok before so nothing much to worry, I thought…

not much pictures btw



Things that I brought. Also bought Dtac sim card locally from this guy on HWZ, , 7 days “unlimited” data. The unlimited was quite miss leading, it provide 1.5GB of H+ data speed. After the 1.5GB had been use up everything slow down. My friend cant even load videos and some webpage. Do take note if you are getting one as well.

Day 1

Flight from Singapore to Thailand by Jetstar. 7.15am flight reach Bangkok at 8.45am Thailand time. Add 1hour to Singapore time. Since we gotta check in early we met up at one of my bro place and took cab to the airport together.

Touch down at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, settle everything then my friends realise that their sim card is not working… I wanted to skip the queue to purchase the sim card at the airport now we gotta queue to ask the counter how to activate the sim card. After the queuing the counter lady just add a vpn to their phones… Samsung why can’t you do that automatically “smartphone”. My nexus did not have the problem though. Nexus 5 FTW.

Went to the taxi counter, got a cab and go towards MBK. Reason being we can’t check into our hotel yet, check in at 12pm. Freaking cab cost 700baht total with airport toll… should have taken the airport express train.

Went to MBK wanted make some shirts but found out that the tailor was not around so we went to the foodcourt to find some food. Did not take picture 😦 too hungry. And so we took a tuk tuk to our hotel. with one stop at some random store it cost us 20baht to our hotel.

IMG_20140904_123655 This is the hotel that we stayed in booked from agoda somehow its cheaper then booking it directly from the website.

Reach the hotel reception and guess what the rooms are not ready… told us to come back at 2pm. So we took our bags and walk around the area, Heng all of us never bring luggage. And we saw a massage store nearby and went in for 1hour of foot and 1hour of thai massage. Just nice to 2pm haha.

Check in and we decide to rest in the hotel LOL.

Too tired and just after massage + aircon room and nice bed = shower and sleep.

Woke up and it was 4+ went down to walk around the hotel.


cost 20baht per stick I think


Hoot one pair since we never bring

IMG_20140904_193319 IMG_20140904_193423

Durain ice cream looks nice taste soso prefer potong lol

Went back to the hotel again… change to shorts and slippers. Then one of my friend say he too tired so I just went out with the other one.


Banana Egg Choc Condense Milk Prata

This was quite nice but kinda too sweet for me


Crab papaya salad 

papaya salad was nice the crab was too fishy did not finish the whole bowl anyway too much for both of us


Loot of day 1 

Night activity, went to bamboo pub recommend by my friend. His friend is working as a guitarist there. Entry 100baht. Inside was kinda like thai pubs in Singapore, band performance then girls on stage. One thing extra was there are a few poledancing tables, during the girls performance there will be girls there on bikinis. Other guys were stuffing money on their bikinis, I think can make a bikini out of all the 20baht notes they put LOL.

One jug of beer cost us 410 baht, about 16SGD cheap right? Spent about 1-2hours,one jug for each of us chillax drinking.

Day 2

Woke up at around 11pm and my lazy friend is still sleeping so went out without him. Google the location for the Sab x2 wonton mee, went for it since its quite near our hotel.


Wonton mee in just pork lard


Pork knuckle platter  

I would say it taste quite nice overall, wonton mee chewy and coated with lard. The pork knuckle was damn good the pig skin was very soft and full of flavour

After breakfast went to platinum mall and my other friend also woke up and met us there.


oreo and coffee

walk around platinum mall area since inside the mall not much guys stuffs.. actually I think its kinda waste of time going there lol not much to walk anyway. And 2 more guys join our group tonight total of 5 now.


Loots of day 2

Night activity, went to RCA onxy. From review it was said to get its inspiration from zouk. Reach there open one bottle of gold label waive 5pax but we only 3 people go but whatever. If you are going beware of the mixer price kinda killer, one small bottle of pepsi 100baht my friend blur blur order 10… in the end we only used 5 LOL.

OK review, to be honest if you have a group of party friends going there is not a bad choice. Here are the reasons why, drinks are cheap and music is not too bad. One thing is that their service is really good. Mix the first drink for us, but too much pepsi maybe that how Thais like their drinks. MAJOR difference their toilet are CLEAN

Here comes the CON, the “dance floor” is full of standing table to the point that I would consider there being no dance floor. So if one group of friends open a few bottles stand around your table and party, I would say it can be quite fun.

Same old stuff lazy friend got tired and he went back to hotel first… left the 2 of us, immediately sian… just finish our bottle and went back to the hotel.


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