First Solo Trip Taiwan (Day 3 and Day 4)

Time for Day 3 and Day 4

Day 3

Googled on my phone and found out that there was a famous beancurd store near my hostel so decided to give it a go in the morning

CameraZOOM-20140218071156970 CameraZOOM-20140218071253456

The building which the shop is at, there was already a queue at the entrance of the building

CameraZOOM-20140218071946672 CameraZOOM-20140218072522139 CameraZOOM-20140218072803214

More queue, the place is like a foodcourt but the beancurd store is the only one operating at that time

CameraZOOM-20140218072837739 CameraZOOM-20140218072856968

From the queue you will be able to see them making shaobing


Finally got my breakfast, cold soya milk and thick shaobing with you tiao

The name of the store is Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿, they also sell salted soya milk and some small snacks if you can’t handle the big portion of shaobing

After the hearty breakfast, went back to the hostel relax for awhile watch some tv and checked out of cheeky house. Then I took the train from Taipei Main Station to Ruifang station and purchased the PingXi line one day ticket. This ticket allows you to go to any of the stations at PingXi line unlimited times.

CameraZOOM-20140218121723213 CameraZOOM-20140218121729626

Train ride to Ruifang Station (by the way you can eat on this train, there will be shops selling lunch boxes at Taipei Main Station. If you are rushing this is a good solution to settle lunch)


One day ticket

Take note of the timing of the train. It was like an hour interval so plan how much time you are gonna spend at each stop. Anyway I went straight to the last stop JingTong which is the filming spot for “You Are The Apple Of My Eye”


Bamboo wishing

CameraZOOM-20140218140847701 CameraZOOM-20140218140855443

Train tracks


The train station, I think its the only one that is made with wood


Had coffee again while waiting for the train in the rain

Next stop Shifen, although it was just drizzling but strong wind together with some water is damn…


Came here just for this, don’t underestimate this signboard it a damn long walk to the waterfall


Walking in the rain


More walking


Thunder, rain and wind


Finally saw some water but still more walking


More train tracks


Finally inside the compound, there is a entry cheaper if you are a student. Apparently I was behind a group of local student and I was given student price as well haha


Side view

The viewing point is to the right of the entrance and there is a small animal farm to the left



CameraZOOM-20140218162557575 CameraZOOM-20140218162548622

Goats, cost 20TWD to feed them 

CameraZOOM-20140218162356430 CameraZOOM-20140218162501299

Peaceful up stream before the plunge

CameraZOOM-20140218163528489 CameraZOOM-20140218163814990

Main attraction, damn my photos does not do these places justice did not bring a camera with me all I had was a S3

CameraZOOM-20140218171841224 CameraZOOM-20140218171934547

Walked back to the station and had bbq beef steak

Next stop HouTong, the cat station

CameraZOOM-20140218180917628 CameraZOOM-20140218181019617 CameraZOOM-20140218181031809 CameraZOOM-20140218181643891 CameraZOOM-20140218181830412 CameraZOOM-20140218181843802

Only have a few cats there when I reached the station, as it was still raining and turning dark so I did not explore the surrounding much so just waited for the other train at the station


The temperature that day

So I went back to Taipei Main Station and took the metro to NTU hospital station, location of my next hostel Backpackers Inn Taipei

Before checking in went off to find food but almost every shop was closed


Dinner beef noodle soup

Checked in and rested for the next day of adventure

Day 4

Went back to Xinbeitou for thermal valley

CameraZOOM-20140219104543207 CameraZOOM-20140219104727079 CameraZOOM-20140219105038903

Apparently it was just a rather small place which is filled with fog and steam, kinda disappointed not really what I expected

Since it was still raining rather heavily decided to go for hot spring. Just go for any one you think that interest you because there is just too many choices. The one I went for was a indoor male commando style (naked). After the nice bath went off looking for food again.

CameraZOOM-20140219110718957 CameraZOOM-20140219113831369

Seafood raman, think this was quite a famous store quite alot of reviews online

Next stop Danshui. Went I reached there it was still raining so not really in the mood to go exploring

CameraZOOM-20140219143624547 CameraZOOM-20140219144314258 CameraZOOM-20140219144345589

Some photos of the area


Had tea while waiting for the rain to stop, but it just won’t stop…


More food, the meat ball was quite nice 


Dessert, red bean and custard pancakes

As it was still raining decided to bail and went back to the hostel and went for a walk around the hostel where there are shelter






Random Bookshop

For dinner I think I just had some riceballs from the 7-eleven no pics though.

Thats it for day3 and 4


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