First Solo Trip Taiwan (Day 1 and Day 2)

Finally found some time to write out this trip here goes

First solo backpacking trip to Taiwan from 16 Feb to 22 Feb 2014.



Day1 Ximending

Day2 Jiufen,Jinguashi,Keelung

Day3 Pingxi line(Jingtong,Shifen,Houtong)

Day4 Beitou,Danshui

Day5 Maokong

Day6 Elephant Mountain

Day7 Home

Day 1

Flight from Singapore to Taiwan by Tigerair, reached Taiwan Taoyuan International airport at 12+pm. Some delays here and there and bought data sim card for a week at the airport.


Finally checked-in at the first hostel, Taipei Cheeky House, 6 bed dorm room

After resting for awhile went to Ximending for dinner

CameraZOOM-20140216180551553 CameraZOOM-20140216182601339

Cheese potato and AhZhong mian xian

Also had some other street food and window shopping around Ximending didn’t saw anything interesting to buy though

Day 2

Met a local at the dorm he was from Kaohsiung came to Taipei to meet up with his friends

Had breakfast with him at a random shop just across the road of the hostel

CameraZOOM-20140217073928276 CameraZOOM-20140217074838237

Ham burger, Ice red tea and pancake (taste like prata but with sweet sauce)

He was kind enough to show the way to walk over to Taipei Main station and got to know more about him on the way there, save money on transport yay!!!

Took the metro from Taipei Main Station to Xinbeitou, need to transfer at Beitou Station

CameraZOOM-20140217090803466 CameraZOOM-20140217090852958

Unique train from Beitou to Xinbeitou

CameraZOOM-20140217091747646 CameraZOOM-20140217091921905

Nice park on the way to Thermal Valley

CameraZOOM-20140217092754010 CameraZOOM-20140217093216346

Beitou library no taking photos inside 


Finally reached the thermal valley, but guess what? its closed because its MONDAY…

Do take note that lots of attractions are closed on monday at taipei plan ahead. But since I am alone making other plan is easy.

So I made my way to Jiufen. Took the metro back to Taipei Main Station then a train to Ruifang Station.


Small cafe near the train station


Bus to Jiufen, just look around and follow the queue (typical Singaporean)

Best if that you can find a seat in the bus, or else hold on tight the trip is going to be bumpy, not the road condition but because of the winding road.

CameraZOOM-20140217125554664 CameraZOOM-20140217125629832

View from the bustop


Everyone was taking picture of the signboard 



After walking along the main Jiufen Laojie, find it kinda boring and crowded so I wander off to some deserted area.

CameraZOOM-20140217133813325 CameraZOOM-20140217134243605

Done with Jiufen moving on to Jinguashi. Upon reaching Jinguashi, I move straight to the mountain area skipping all the tourist attraction.

CameraZOOM-20140217142415726 CameraZOOM-20140217143030355

Sakura haha was lucky there was still some left, and beware of snakes

CameraZOOM-20140217143112945 CameraZOOM-20140217143138194 CameraZOOM-20140217143147707

There is this house “guarded” by these 2 metal dudes, I think there is also some of these dudes in the city as well

 CameraZOOM-20140217144827136 CameraZOOM-20140217145812259

YingYang Sea down there, Mountain view

After all these scenery decide to walk back to visit the tourist attractions, on the way back saw a cafe by the side of the pathway so went in to rest and a drink

CameraZOOM-20140217154600310 CameraZOOM-20140217154616425

The signboard and view from outside

CameraZOOM-20140217151100345 CameraZOOM-20140217151041537

Its like house converted into a cafe.

Went to the gold production plant, see how gold was being produce back then and left Jinguashi to Keelung for Miaokou NM

CameraZOOM-20140217173441197 CameraZOOM-20140217173619160

Keelung Harbor


Entrance to the NM (was there quite early not much people yet)


You Fan and Crab meat soup

This NM not for solo traveller because mainly selling seafood also had the fried sandwich which I don’t really like it

That’s it for Day1 and 2


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